How to choose your Moto helmet

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced biker, choosing a future helmet is often an important thing. However, given the multiplicity of versions, technical specifications and prices, it is not easy to find your way… Full face, modular, jet, cross-over, off-road, or replicated helmets, there are many variations. The professionals guide you in the option of your helmet to ensure your safety.If you do not wish to use your motorcycle for all your trips, discover the Car Luxury Agency services.

The full face helmet

This helmet simply has the greatest possible protection for your head. It ensures the safety of your head, your head, your chin… In addition to being accepted on the street, it is the only type of helmet approved for the monitor. The ergonomics change according to each version, so it is important to have optimal comfort on your own helmet. It will surround your head during each of your shortest and longest movements. Then come the aesthetic option you want. If you want to match the colours of your bike, if you prefer a retro style or a more competitive design.For your trips without motorcycle, we offer sports car rental Nice.

The modular motorcycle

The modular motorcycle helmet is really a hybrid between the full-face helmet and the jet cable. Due to the possibility of lifting the jugular, it can be worn in any season and can easily be moved from the city into the road. It thus ensures the safety of a full face helmet and a wider field of vision. Despite everything that is often heavier, not all models give the possibility to lift the chinstrap, it is also a criterion to which you will have to pay attention when deciding the manufacturers.

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